When I was young, I always dreamed of writing when I grew up. I wanted to work for a paper or maybe write my own books. But life happens and dreams fall to the wayside as more realistic needs are realized. I am now a 40-year-old woman whose life has not been any bit of what I had planned. While not all of the surprises have been positives, each experience helped to make me who I am today.

I am certainly not perfect, nor do I claim to know all of life’s secrets. I do, however, feel I have gain some insights that make help others in their journey. And I definitely still need help in my journey regularly. And for me to be returning to writing, my first love, in order to try to share some of me with you does not go unnoticed.

I know that this will be a challenge to me on many levels. I also feel surprisingly calm about it as I am returning to my dream of childhood. That also gives me a sense of anticipation and excitement as I start this project with my eyes wide open and my heart full. Here is to chasing dreams – late is always better than never!

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