Pain Intolerance

I am currently having issues with MS. I have been unable to work for over a week, confined to my bed. These symptoms are different than anything I have ever dealt with before. I used to think I was a wimp when I was younger. MS has taught me I am stronger than I thought. … More Pain Intolerance

JC Positive 

Today I was told I am JC positive and need to find a different treatment due to the risk of PML involved with my current one. The JC virus is the John Cunningham virus and much of the population carries it, some estimates are 70-90% of the people in the world. To the average person, … More JC Positive 


When I was young, I always dreamed of writing when I grew up. I wanted to work for a paper or maybe write my own books. But life happens and dreams fall to the wayside as more realistic needs are realized. I am now a 40-year-old woman whose life has not been any bit of what I … More Dreams